Who We Are

We support environmental problem-solving.

Founded in 1979, the Washington Foundation for the Environment is one of the most longstanding environmental organizations in Washington State.  WFFE has a proud history of promoting environmental education, awareness, and action through small grants and other activities.  In 2019, WFFE shifted away from grants to an exclusive focus on environmental awareness and action involving Washington’s middle- and high-schoolers. 

As our keynote annual event, WFFE sponsors the Seattle Environmental Slam where teams from different schools compete to make the most compelling presentation on a timely environmental topic.  We will continue holding our annual Slam in Seattle and hope to promote similar Slams in other parts of the state.  The young people who participate are quite literally the key to our future, as they creatively re-think how to better integrate the dynamics of our life-sustaining natural environment with the pressures and needs of a growing population.

WFFE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization chartered in Washington State (Tax ID: 91-1086269)

Your charitable donation is tax-deductible. We have an all-volunteer board, no paid staff, and very low overhead. Most of the funds we receive each year from our generous donors go into communities throughout Washington to support environmental education and on-the-ground-action.


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