WFFE hosts events that contribute to discussions and education with respect to compelling environmental issues in our region. These events are in the form of both informal Roundtables and an annual Environmental Issues Slam. Informal Roundtables bring together civic leaders, scientific experts, social science experts and interested individuals for discussion of current environmental topics. The Environmental Issues Slam presents important environmental issues in the region and feature good natured and articulate competition for younger students.

Got Stormwater?

WFFE collaborated with Olympia’s South Sound Estuary Association to host a talk for their Discovery Speaker series. On November 16, 2017 at the LOTT Water Education Center Stormwater management staff from the cities of Tumwater, Olympia and Lacey discussed “Our Local Solutions”. Stormwater.

Runoff from streets and roofs is probably the largest source of pollution to Puget Sound. About 30 people participated in a lively debate about strategies for encouraging residents to adopt clean water habits such as driving less, building rain gardens to soak up rain water before it runs off, picking up pet waste. Equally important is talking to friends, neighbors and local decision makers about how important clean water and a healthy Puget Sound is to you, your community and our shared environment

The speakers included:

City of Tumwater – Amy Georgeson, Water Resource Specialist
City of Olympia – Joe Roush, Environmental Services Supervisor
City of Lacey – Doug Christianson, Water Resources Engineer

Environmental Issues Slam! Put it on your calendar NOW for April 19, 2018

We will hold our annual Environmental Issues Slam at the Old Cooper School at The Youngstown Cultural Art Center, West Seattle, 6-9:30pm. This is yet another rousing, positively intentioned competition among schools that present environmental issues from a variety of perspectives.


The 2017 Environmental Slam

CONGRATULATIONS and thanks to the stellar students, teachers, parents, friends,  judges, and sponsors who participated in the 2017 Environmental Issues Slam. Although there were two winners– the judges pick and the audience pick– we acknowledge the creative,  smart and sophisticated approaches to framing environmental issues by all the students.

In 2017 we had eight terrific teams:

“Litter is Bitter,” by Elsa Klubberud, Clara Hayden and Orion Hunter from Explorer West Middle School

“The State of the Nation: Climate Change is Real,” by Jacquest Blumenzweig and Josiah Carson from Hazel Wolf K-8

“We can all be Zero Heroes,” by Alice Watson from Madison Middle School

“Water is Life,” by Emory Ranes, Sabrina Myers, and Braden Colaner from Hazel Wolf K-8

“Assault on Seattle,” by Regan Thomas, Keira Anderson and Margot Cohen from Explorer West Middle School

“Tomorrow” by Elisa Dittermeier from Open Window School

“Hazel Wolf- About the School” by Lila Felsheim, Nikki Ross,  Deva Lewis and Devan Hodson from Hazel Wolf K-8

“A Not-So-Funny-Farm,” by Jack Brown, Ella Friis-Alfers and Benno DePuma from Explorer West Middle School

The Audience Pick went to Water is Life…..

and the Judge’s Pick went to Assault on Seattle….Congratulations to both teams….

In a kind act of paying it forward, Hazel Wolf donated their prize money to Earth Justice and Sound Experience.

The evening started with an apt quote from Stravinsky…and some light shed on the Slam event and the anticipation that precedes all competitions, even friendly ones…Thanks to our Ron Sims, our illustrious Master of Ceremonies, Board, our judges and our sponsors!  And of course,  hats off to all the students and their teachers, parents and friends…

                 2017 EARTH DAY EVENT!

Environmental Issue Roundtable with Pacshell, WET Science Center, Thurston EcoNetwork, and South Sound Estuary Association took place on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017 at the WET Science Center in Olympia.

Road Culverts and Their Implications

Thanks to the South Sound Estuary Association and those who attended this important discussion this fall.

WFFE’s Oct 20th speaker’s night in Olympia, co-sponsored by South Sound Estuary Association, featured two guest speakers. The first, Paul Wagner, WA State Department of Transportation, shared historical and current perspectives on fish passage projects in Washington State. Especially interesting to the audience was his discussion of the recent court case holding Washington State accountable for improving culverts under state roads in order to provide sufficient salmon habitat. The second speaker, representing the WA state Department of Fish and Wildlife, shared information on that agency’s work to support the public, state and local agencies, and restoration groups with their efforts to replace culverts that block fish passage.

For more information:

A coho salmon attempts to leap into a culvert at Otto Jarsted Park in Gorst on Wednesday.(MEEGAN M. REID/KITSAP SUN)

A coho salmon attempts to leap into a culvert at Otto Jarsted Park in Gorst on Wednesday.(MEEGAN M. REID/KITSAP SUN)

The culvert issue has been in litigation for an extended period of time. Read this summer’s Seattle Times article about the successful tribal litigation.

Below please find the South Sound Estuary Association’s Discovery Series calendar.


Past Events:

WFFE participated this year in the wonderful campaign sponsored by The Seattle Foundation which makes giving easy.

WFFE shortens the distance between a more resilient and beautiful Washington and our fabulous grantee who deliver on the ground. A two page description is all we ask from prospective grantees, providing the funding to complete and further their work. WFFE has no operating expenses so we give nearly 100% to where it counts the most.

100% Simple. 100% Giving.

During the spring WFFE hosted yet another riveting Environmental Issues Slam. These fabulous younger people could really teach something to our adult colleagues during their Power Point presentations! In addition to classic presentations, we were treated by film, poetry and music. The iconic Ron Sims MC’d and his gift of storytelling and warmth still exudes and captures the room and our hearts.

Thank you for making the 6th Annual Great Environmental Issues Slam a wonderful success! Congratulations to the winners:

Community Building EJ and JobsExplorer West for the web

Community Building, Environmental Justice and Jobs (left image) and Explorer’s West (right image)

Th future is radRon with audience member


Plastic Lure boySound Experience


Gratified SmileOther half of the gang


Ingrid and DodiThe Rap

Some of the judges